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Our Team

technical IT centric roles / analytical and business roles

Our Team Main Functions

Data Scientists

Apply scientific approach to translate analytical findings into business actions.

Business Analysts

Identify ways in which a process or business system can be improved.


Perform predictive and prescriptive analytics on data using sophisticated techniques.

Data Analysts

Execute a wide range of analysis on the data and draw conclusions.

Database Analysts

Access the databases directly usually by writing SQL queries, and perform some analysis on the data.

BI Developers

Manage some of the more technical aspects of a business intelligence tool set including maintenance. Also responsible for the technical implementation and distribution of standard reports.

ETL Developers

Responsible for populating databases and making sure the data is loaded correctly into the various database structures.

Database Administrators

Responsible for the database itself, including creation of the database and maintenance of the database to ensure stability, accessibility and efficient performance.

Data Architects

Responsible for the actual design of the data environment, and for structuring the data models used in enterprise databases for the data storage and access.

Application Developers & Administrators

Build and maintain systems that capture information for the business. They also provide ancillary functions like corporate IT that help to administer software and other tools.